Motorcycle – ATV – Snowmobile

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We offer a motorcycle, Bike, ATV, or Snowmobile Insurance policy that is right for you. We insure most types of motorcycles, sport bike, cruisers, touring bike, enduros, scooters, dirt bike, trikes and some custom bikes.

Stay Vertical With Motorcycle – ATV – Snowmobile

Of course you don’t PLAN on crashing your bike or having it stolen but if bad luck gives you the nod, you’ll be glad you have top notch coverage.

Having motorcycle insurance coverage or ATV insurance coverage, or Snowmobile insurance coverage benefits you, your bike and others on the road. Here is a rundown of the coverages included:

Accessories coverage: If you carry comprehensive or collision coverage, your policy will include coverage for your accessories. Accessories may include: saddlebags, backrests, seats, chrome pieces and CB radios. If needed, additional coverage can be purchased. Collision coverage provides protection for your helmet as well.

Collision coverage:

pays for covered damage to your motorcycle, atv, snowmobile when it hits, or is hit by another vehicle.

Comprehensive physical damage coverage:

pays for covered losses resulting from incidents other than collision – such as theft, fire or vandalism.

Medical payments, No-Fault or Personal injury protection coverage:

in most states you can select medical coverage for yourself and your passengers.

Property damage liability coverage:

insures you against certain damages caused to someone else’s property while operating your Motorcycle, ATV, or Snowmobile and provides you with a legal defense for such claims if another party files a lawsuit against you. We have multiple limits of protection from which to choose.

Uninsured/Underinsured motorists coverage:

pays for injuries caused by an uninsured driver in a crash that is not your fault.

If you have questions that are not addressed on our website, call Washington and Co Insurance Agency in Cleveland Ohio (216)691-9227 or go online and get instant quote and immediate coverage, or fill out form and submit form for a quote.